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High-quality printing in Odessa and Ukraine

Polygraphy is a full-cycle advertising agency in Odessa.

Our company has been producing high-quality printing products for over 23 years.
During this time, we have proven ourselves as a reliable partner.
Our goal is to always be the company that our Clients recommend doing business with.
That is why we are always ready to make every effort to ensure that you are satisfied with our cooperation.

We offer our clients 2 types of services: offline or online.


1. We conduct an in-depth analysis of the customer's calendar idea, complete search and purchase of high-quality, non-trivial photos and images from legal sources.
2. Deleting certain objects or, conversely, adding the necessary objects to the original photo.
3. Correction of flaws in the photo: removal of scratches, dots, spots on the original photo (retouch).
4. Significant color manipulations in the CMYK color space to correct the flaws of the original photos.
The result of such color manipulations (color correction) is bringing the original photos to the international standard ISO 12647-2.
5. Development of layouts of all types of calendars.
6. Checking the received .pdf files for compliance with the PDF/X-1a:2001 v5.0 standard.

Full development of corporate, branded products to order.


1. A3, A2 format calendars.
2. Quarterly calendars (3-section, 4-section, 5-section).
3. Calendars of various sizes to order. Development of layouts and calendar grids for all types of calendars.
4. Design and printing of branded notebooks: hard cover, correct size.
Cover - leatherette or full-color printing in corporate style.
On request - embossing or UV varnish.
The internal block is made in a corporate style with or without information about the company.
The best alternative to standard diaries.
5. Standard diaries in branded cover.
Internal unit - dated or undated,
Cover - full color print.
Additionally UV varnish.
6. Presentation brochure about the company (products or services).
7. We develop a layout and print a bill of lading - "home bill of lading".
8. Branded bags.
9. Posters.
10. Umbrellas with a logo.
11. Power banks with logo.
12. Advertising printing was printed by us in the following languages: Chinese, English, Slovak, Ukrainian, Russian.

Polygraphy printing in Odessa is carried out on the following equipment:

1. Polygraphy printing on offset machines.
2. Polygraphy printing on digital machines.
3. Polygraphy printing on wide-format printers.
4. Polygraphy printing by silk screen method.

Quality printing in Odessa
Church Slavonic language.
Quality printing in Odessa
Wall and quarterly calendars.
High-quality polygraphy printing in Odessa
Prospectuses, brochures.
High-quality printing in Odessa
weekly journals, notepads, notebooks.
 Polygraphy Printing Odessa
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Polygraphy Odessa printing

The quality of polygraphy Odessa is what worries many when entering the international market, because such products are the face of the company. LLC "RF Capital-S" is a classic full-cycle advertising agency specializing in advertising printing. Within the framework of this site, we want to tell about our favorite works: calendars, advertising brochures, booklets, prospectuses and notebooks to order. When making polygraphy, it is necessary to know many nuances, which depend on the final result. Only if many conditions are met, you can get a quality product.

We work for those who value quality...


Polygraphy Odessa printing order

If you need high-quality printing in Odessa, just call us. We are sure that we will Useful for you. More than 20 years of experience in advertising printing gives us reason to hope for this. After all approvals, we will produce and quality printing polygraphy on the best equipment, directly under our control. We will deliver the finished edition to your office.