Full-cycle advertising agency Odessa

Рекламна агенція Одеса

Advertising agency is an enterprise based on employees with a creative vision, the result of which is an increase in the subjective or objective value of the service or product the customer. Employees can have a broad profile of knowledge or be narrow-profile specialists. Depending from this, advertising agencies provide either a significant list of services or specialize in a few directions or only one.

Services in a wide range are provided by the best full-cycle advertising agency, with an office in Odessa or in any other city of Ukraine. As a rule, such advertising agencies provide services. forming the following list: drafting and writing advertising texts, production of advertising products, further placement in the press, organization of various advertising events, including holding necessary promotions. At the same time, everyone adheres to their specialization.
Advertising company Capital-S specializes in high-quality printing of polygraphy.

Since 1996, we have been successfully working as an advertising agency... We have a lot of experience, recognition and grateful customers


A reliable partner

When compiling the entire list of organizations of Ukraine, taking into account official State statistics, the Advertising Firm (advertising agency) "Capital-S" was awarded the status of "Industry Leader 2012" in the list of enterprises of the Odessa region among companies with such type of activity as: "Other printing activity".
At the same time, in the results of the nationwide free rating of the economic indicators of Ukrainian enterprises results processed in 2012, 2013, 2014" was confirmed the same status "Industry Leader" in the listed periods (nomination "Small enterprises" - Advertising agency). Until 2021, the company constantly takes leading places in all kinds of ratings, where advertising agencies in Odesa are represented and their list is present.

According to the results of the analysis conducted by the All-Ukrainian Industry Analytical Center among all working enterprises of Ukraine in 2019 of the year, Advertising firm (advertising agency) "Capital-S" LLC is now represented in the register (list) "Reliable and investment-attractive enterprises". This study is conducted by the center from year to year, with the aim of providing foreign and domestic investors with the most objective information about potential reliable partners We can say that, among other things, this is the most complete database of advertising agencies in our country.

Advertising agency in Odesa

All the best in Odessa for our customers...


Advertising agency Capital-C also works with organizations in Odessa, which include advanced advertising and analytical departments. Given that no one knows the intricacies of his business, his involvement better than the Customer himself Employees of the advertising department in the development of corporate products is very fruitful. Our perennial experience, services of a creative agency, in turn, allows to give the Customer's ideas the necessary, final type, in particular in the field of printed advertising. Everyone perfectly understands that corporate printing is very appropriate both for international contacts and during local events. Quality is decisive here.
Joint work makes it possible to produce high-quality printing products. As a result, the Customer's marketing activities continue to be successful.

When the Customer does not have specialists engaged in the marketing promotion of his products, we are fully equipped we responsibly help our clients prepare for planned events, starting with business ones negotiations and ending with international exhibitions. Services of our creative agency, our products, not infrequently she helped in negotiations not only large, but also fairly young firms. work success, indirectly confirms that the advertising agency offering various services now has no vacancies for advertising specialists. All seats are taken.

We, as an advertising agency, created this site to show at least a small part of our capabilities. Ready to demonstrate the best works during a personal meeting.